Lost your Key?

It did not take long till one of my customers lost the key to their high-security Disc Lock. 

Now what?     Damaging the storage unit locking mechanism or door could cost hundreds to fix.     

Local Locksmiths are generally faster and cheaper than the mobile guys who come from far away.

Here are three local locksmiths that have helped our customers before.     Tell us about your experience with them and we will update this blog.

770-775-4230     Cooks Lock and Alarm is 2 doors down on Alabama Ave. 

770-354-5174       Larry's Lock and Key http://larryslockandkey.net/    

 404-557-2644     Billy and Cheryl Farmer, in Jackson.     http://www.akeypro.com/          

 678-432-1094     All Lock and Key is  Based in McDonough    http://alllockandkeys.com/