You might think that storing your items in a storage unit is easy, you just rent the self storage unit, throw your junk in, Lock the storage unit and go home. This might be the case for many people, However this practice will most certainly invite headaches to you in the future. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to storing your belongings safe, secure, and efficiently in a self storage facility. 

Before you just start packing, and throwing your items into a self storage unit, you need to do a little planning. To make this process as stress free as possible you will need be wise and think ahead. For instance, are you going to ever need to access this storage unit just to get 1 item, or is this storage unit going to be storing things that you won't need until you move all of them again? Something that will help either way is to pack your items properly. This means getting plenty of boxes, packing material, tape, markers, etc. Make sure to label everything so you know exactly is in which box or container. 

 Next you will need to determine what size of unit you need to rent. it's never fun to move all of your items into a storage unit to find out that the couch that is last item you need to fit in the unit and it won't squeeze in far enough to close the door. There are many helpful storage size guides on the internet that can help you determine exactly what storage unit size you need. 

 Now your ready to starting packing your storage unit. This is where you make sure to invite plenty of help so that you don't throw your back out. You may have been good at Tetris on your gameboy as a kid, but it's not exactly the same. fitting shapes together will help with saving space, but remember that your items have weight as well. Start with your heaviest items first. Move your bulky heavy items it and keep them close to the walls and the floor. Next, use your Tetris skills to start fitting boxes and containers together. Make stacks neat and not top heavy. Also You will want to face the labels of your boxes out towards the door or an isle way. 

 Once your done, be sure to get a secure lock to keep your items safe, Disc locks are popular because the bar part of the lock is shorter and hard for a lock cutter to cut the lock.